Brunel 200 Legacy Left Coast Crime – Fingers to the Bone.
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Heading – Left Coast Crime

Fingers to the Bone

Adrian Muller worked with the crime writer Andrew Taylor, to produce a short detective story, written in the form of a penny dreadful. Fingers to the Bone celebrates Brunel and Bristol, with striking illustrations by Simon Gurr.

'Penny dreadful' was a term applied in the nineteenth century to lurid serial stories appearing in parts over a number of weeks, each part costing a penny.

The book was distributed to over 500 delegates at the Left Coast Crime convention, as well as some Brunel 200 partners, including Bristol Libraries.

Left Coast Crime – Fingers to the Bone.

Left Coast Crime, is an annual crime fiction convention which ordinarily is held on the West coast of the United States. The convention in Bristol, in March 2006 was the 16th of its kind, and was aimed at international, national and local audiences, with panels, interviews and workshops for aspiring crime writers.

Audience members at the convention travelled from USA, Israel, Ireland, Canada, Hawaii and all over the UK to attend.

Left Coast Crime – Fingers to the Bone.

Andrew Taylor is the two-time winner of the British Crime Writers’ Association Historical Dagger Award, with strong ties to Bristol. His first book, the award-winning Caroline Minuscule has been followed by the popular Lydmouth detective series, which includes The Office of the Dead and The American Boy. Andrew’s short stories have been published in The Spectator, The Times Summer Anthology, and Woman’s Own. According to public library loan figures, he is one of Britain’s most borrowed authors.

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Left Coast Crime – Fingers to the Bone.

A PDF of Fingers to the Bone is available for download here.


Photography: Steve Thomas.
Illustrations: Simon Gurr.