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In this section you can find details of some of the Brunel 200 events and activities that took place in 2006, excluding the regional and Bristol-based arts projects. Calendars listing all the activities that took place can be downloaded from the Events and Competitions page of the main Brunel 200 website.

All projects are listed in the following format: Name of organisation, associated artist/contact, name of project. To search by associated artist/contact please use the Browse section.


200 Ideas for Bristol
Brunel 200
200 Ideas

Adam Hart-Davis
Adam Hart-Davis

Andy Sheppard
Andy Sheppard
The Living Bridge

B200 fm
Joanne Schofield
‘If at first you don’t succeed? Try again’!

Bristol Ferry Boat Company
Jane Salvidge
Bristol Ferry Boat Company & Brunel 200

Bristol Legible City
Bristol Legible City
The Brunel Mile

The British Postal Museum & Archive
Libby Buckley
'Speeding the Mail'

Brunel 200 Finale Celebrations
Brunel 200
Brunel 200 finale weekend

Brunel 200 Launch Celebrations
Brunel 200
Brunel 200 Launch Celebrations and birthday weekend

Brunel: A Graphic Biography
Brunel 200
Romance! Danger! Railway lines! Riots! Stupid hats! Explosions! Paddle-steamers! Drama! Diagrams!

Brunel Banquet
Brunel 200
Brunel Banquet at the Passenger Shed

Brunel: In Love with the Impossible
Brunel 200
In Love with the Impossible


Brunel Trail Guides
Brunel 200
Trail Guides

Brunel's Sketchbook
Paul Matson
A 90 Second Challenge

Clifton Crossing Competition
Colin Taylor
Clifton Crossing Competition with University of Bristol

Clifton Suspension Bridge
Mike Rowland
Eric Gadd

Clifton Suspension Bridge
Mike Rowland
Planting of Autumn Squill at Clifton Suspension Bridge

Clifton Suspension Bridge Tours
Mike Rowland
Pre-arranged guided tours

CREATE Exhibition
Brunel 200
Brunel Framed

Festival of Ideas
Brunel 200
2006 Festival of Ideas

Mr Brunel Appears...
Martin Williamson
Mr Brunel appearances

Roger James
Rolls-Royce Inter-schools Competition

Schools' Subsidised Transport Scheme
Brunel 200
Transport Scheme