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Bristol Ferry Boat Company & Brunel 200

The Bristol Ferry Boat Company (BFBC) embraced the idea of Brunel 200 warmly. They devised all sorts of wheezes to encourage people to get out on the water (in one of their boats!) to appreciate better some of Brunel’s achievements.

They started the 2006 year of activity by launching their boat ‘Brigantia of Bristol’ with a sparkling new roof embellished with the image of Brunel standing in front of the chains of the ss Great Eastern.

For the launch weekend in April, the BFBC organised several events in several different boats. Director and co-founder Rob Salvidge was enthusiastic about how the weekend had gone:

“Brilliant evening and mercifully the wind and hail ceased at the crucial time otherwise our posh guests on Matthew would have had soggy canapés ... all other ferry passengers and there were hundreds of them were delighted ... we had a completely mad day all day Saturday ...
Lovely cruise down the gorge with Balmoral on Saturday afternoon ...

Yesterday morning we had 40 people on the Matthew all celebrating with our Brunel birthday bacon butty bonanza of which I'm sure the great man would have approved.”

For more information on the boats and their activities run by BFBC, visit:

Brigantia of Bristol.

Brigantia of Bristol.